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Quick Setup

Quick Setup is an unique feature in Compliance Tracker. Now, by answering a simple questionnaire, all the applicable compliance tasks are automatically populated. Within 5 minutes, organizations can ascertain the details and dates of all the compliance tasks that they need to complete during the financial year.


We offer a comprehensive library comprising statutes and acts pertaining to different states, and covering various sectors. Our research team has reviewed in detail numerous regulations and laid out the actionable items as compliance tasks. Each compliance provides relevant website and form links to help the user easily access all the details related to the compliance.


Consolidating and presenting compliance reports can be a time consuming task. The Compliance Tracker makes report generation easy and intuitive. The user can generate a wide range of reports and select from multiple date/area/location/compliance owner fields.


The Archive section in the Compliance Tracker provides a simplified module to view and download all compliance related documents. The user can view or extract all stored documents, pertaining to current or previous years, with a click of a button.

Ask an Expert

Our in-house compliance experts are ready to help organizations with their questions on regulatory compliances. The user can submit a question through the Compliance Tracker application and our experts will revert to the user within 48 hours.


Enterprise grade security you can trust.

Role-based Access Controls

Our advanced role based access controls restricts access to data to specific users. Individual compliance owners can be given permissions to only specific compliance areas.

Data Protection

QuikProcess protects your data with high-grade encryption, both in transit and at rest. All data is backed up in real time with cloud-service.

Comprehensive Logs

We maintain comprehensive logs of all data changes and login attempts made to your application login. Activity log tracks changes made in the application..


Q. Are all the Indian states covered in the Compliance Tracker application?

A. Currently, regulatory compliances related to 10 states are covered - Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. We will be adding compliances for the other states soon.

Q. Are all sectors covered in the Compliance Tracker application?

A. We have included compliances related to Labour, Taxation, Industrial and Environmental, Corporate Laws, Healthcare, Pharma, Infrastructure/Real Estate. These sections cover a vast majority of the applicable compliances for Indian companies. Users can also manually add compliances through the "Quick Task" option in Tasks section. Further, any specific requirements from our clients will be considered and included in the library.

Q. Can individual compliance owners other than admin access the application?

A. Yes. Individual compliance owners within an organization are provided login details via email. They can login, view assigned tasks, complete tasks and upload relevant documents.

Q. Do we receive periodic reports on the status of compliance?

A. Yes. The admin and assigned persons will receive monthly email reports detailing the compliance status for the previous months. Alternatively, a wide variety of dynamic reports can be generated from the Reports section of the application.

Q. Can we request more information about compliances mentioned in the library?

A. Yes. Through the "Ask An Expert" within the Compliance Tracker application, users can seek help from our in-house experts.